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This page is specially built for our friends that speak English.

First, Thanks for visiting our website, Sumak Yoga is a space for continuous learning of Yoga but not just the physical aspect of it, we think that Yoga is a complete system of well being that is really connected with our mind, body, and spirit, in India the conception of duality doesn’t exist we live in unity and that condition is Sat Chit Ananda with the force of the universe, knowledge of ourselves and ever new joy of our heart.

We practice Yoga since 2004 so it has been some time and we want to share our experience with you

Contact our principal professor and coordinator for more information

Daniel Silva


Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar 

Since 2014 we have a beautiful space at Universidad Andina we have a permanent workshop with the following schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 18:15 to 19:45 at Manuela Saenz Building, seven floor, 705 room.

Prices: $4 for the general public and $3 for students

Escuela Politécnica Nacional 

Since 2010 we have a nice space of practice in EPN, we invite you to participate in the workshop from Monday to Friday at noon to 13:00 (12-13) in EARME building lower floor the name of the room is (Sala de uso múltiple de ADEPON).

Sumak Yoga have two classes a week in EPN (Monday, Thursday and Friday  ) (12-13)

Prices: $3 for the general public and open for students of EPN, if you are a student you could contribute at four free will.

Valle de los Chillos

The mother center of Sumak Yoga, we have this great place since 2004, you’re welcome to come and practice in los chillos valley you could find the google map location here.

The schedule is Frifay, Saturday and Sunday



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